We are often asked about what we do here at Serenity Grove Wellness Center.  When the explanation is given that we use holistic health modalities such as Reiki and Sound Healing to help the healing process on the mind, body, and spiritual levels of an individual, we are met with glazed looks and question marks by some.  So it seemed appropriate that the first blog entry would speak to the topic of holistic health. 

What exactly is meant by the term holistic health?  The quick response would be looking at an individual’s health on all levels: mind, body and soul.  Overall wellness or the “wholeness” of an individual is most important.  All aspects of a person’s life: emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual are considered and addressed in a holistic approach to living.  Holisitic health is not meant to be a quick fix or a one time remedy to a health problem or situation.  In fact, many consider holistic health to be a way of life rather than an approach to healing. 

According to the World Health Organization, "Health is more than the absence of disease. Health is a state of optimal well-being."  Optimal health or well-being takes into account the four aspects to an individual: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.  In fact you can think of these four parts of you as your personal wellness team.  The physical you is concerned with the tangible parts to your being, or rather the body parts and the five senses.  The emotional you will consider all your feelings and emotions from fear, sadness, and anger to joy, happiness, and love.  The mental you encompasses your thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs.  Finally the spiritual you embodies imagination and creativity, your relationship to yourself and a Higher Power, as well as your life’s purpose.  When all members of your “wellness team” are being tended to and communicating effectively, you will experience better overall health.

So as holisitic health practitioners we do not just look at one body part or at an illness.  The person as a whole is considered.  There is a balancing act that is happening within the body at any given moment.  When one is off balance, whether it be energetically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, or physically, a person can begin to manifest symptoms, such as a headache, upset stomach, or aches and pains.  Traditional western medicine would treat the symptom.  Holisitic practitioners look to restore the balance within the body so as to alleviate the issue that manifested the symptom in the first place.  How that is done, depends on the practitioner and their specific modality.

At Serenity Grove Wellness Center, we use Reiki and sound healing to help restore the body’s energetic balance.  Throughout our body energy flows through meridians and centers (chakras) keeping us in balance.  When we experience stress on the emotional, mental, spiritual or physical level this flow of energy can get blocked.  If left unattended, those blockages can lead to dis-ease within our bodies and eventually to illness.  A Reiki practitioner through a process of moving energy through the body by the gentle laying of hands on an individual can help to clear that energy blockage and restore the energetic body back to balance.   One of the greatest benefits to a Reiki treatment is the relieving of stress and the provision of relaxation.  Stress is a major cause to inflammation in the body, and inflammation in turn is the number one cause for disease in the body.  Reiki promotes relaxation, relieving emotional, mental, physical and spiritual stress, helping the energy to move throughout the body unencumbered.   It is a holistic modality that helps to bring into balance all aspects of an individual.

Sound healing through the use of Tibetan bowls, bells, tuning forks, and drums is another holistic modality that we use.  It is believed that all cells have a particular sonic imprint and will “sing” to neighboring cells.  It is through ion channels within the cell membranes that cell communicate with each other.  Ill cells will have these vital channels closed and sound can re-open the channels restoring normal function to the cells.  Additionally the chakras (energy centers) of our body resonate with certain tones and seed sounds.  Using sound can also help maintain proper balance energetically in our body, thereby promoting overall wellbeing.

There are other holisitic modalities offered by trained practitioners to consider and explore.  Some of them include:

·      Acupressure: Finger and hand pressure is applied over specific points on the body to relieve pain and discomfort and to influence the function of internal organs and body systems.

·      Acupuncture: An ancient Eastern process of using fine-gauged needles inserted into specific points on the body to stimulate or disperse the flow of energy thereby alleviating pain or increasing immunity.

·      Aromatherapy: The essential oils extracted from plants and herbs are used to treat physical imbalances, as well as to achieve psychological and spiritual well-being.  Oils can be inhaled, applied externally, or ingested.

·      Chiropractic Medicine: A health-care system emphasizing structural alignment of the spine. Adjustments involve the manipulation of the spine and joints to re-establish and maintain normal nervous system functioning.

·      Cranio-sacral Therapy: Subtle adjustments are made to the cranio-sacral system through light touch and gentle manipulations in order to diagnose and treat imbalances in this system.

·      Herbal Therapy: Herbs and their chemical properties are used to treat specific conditions or to support the function of various body systems.

·      Homeopathy: A system of medicine which stimulates healing through the administration of substances called remedies which are prescribed according to the principles that like cures like, the more a remedy is diluted, the greater the potency; and that illness is specific to the individual.

·      Hypnotherapy: Hypnosis is used for memory recall, medical treatment, and skill enhancement or personal growth.

·      Massage: The manipulation of muscle to dispel tension, increase circulation and relieve muscular pain.

·      Meditation: A method of relaxing and quieting the mind to relieve muscle tension and facilitate inner peace.

·      Nutritional Counseling: The use of diet and supplementation therapeutically as the primary treatment for illness, as well as for maintaining good health.

·      Osteopathy: A form of medicine that focuses on the relationship between the structure of the body and its function, and recognizes that both structure and function are subject to a range of disorders.

·      Qi Gong: An internal Chinese meditative practice that uses breathing techniques, gentle movement, and meditation to cleanse, strengthen, and circulate the life energy.

·      T'ai Chi: A movement practice, and Chinese martial art, which enhances coordination, balance and breathing, and promotes physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

·      Yoga Therapy: Various yoga postures, controlled breathing, relaxation, meditation, are used to release muscular and emotional tension, improve concentration, increase oxygen levels in the blood, and assist the body in healing itself.

Living a holistic life does not mean never seeing a traditional doctor.  There are certain situations and needs in which traditional medicine is necessary.  Holistic health and living comes from extending your focus beyond just physical health.  Work to integrate your “wellness team”: physical you, mental you, emotional you, and spiritual you.  Create and maintain relationships with family and friends as well as your environment that are respectful and cooperative.  Inform yourself on living more healthfully and participate in your healing process. 

At Serenity Grove Wellness Center it is our passion and honor to help individuals in this process of holistic living; of staying whole!

Love and Light,