The practice of gratitude is one of the most profound emotions. Gratitude is a quality of the heart in which we can spiritually grow, in every situation. But without gratitude, even in the most favorable situation, we cannot really progress. Gratitude is a divine virtue so important that practically no other divine virtue could exist without it.

Spirituality grows like a seed within the field of our hearts. To seek the essence is real wisdom, and the essence of every situation is that we can feel and find a beautiful opportunity to grow—if we are grateful for: family and friends, grateful for success and failure, honor and dishonor, happiness and distress, health and disease, victory and defeat, heat and cold, pleasure and pain. In every situation there is an opportunity to take shelter of the higher power that truly exists in each of us.  It is in that taking shelter that we find that life has inconceivable treasures at every moment. 

Most people cannot receive something gracefully. Social ethics have taught us that giving is important, but receiving is not important. It is just as important to receive. It does take a certain amount of gracefulness, a certain amount of humility to accept from others who want to give. Any relationship with gratitude present is bound to flourish. If you are grateful, you become loving, blissful, peaceful and calm automatically. Being able to love anyone and everyone are the natural outcomes of a grateful soul.

If gratitude is done out of ego or ignorance, you will fail to feel grateful. Consequently, you will not experience any happiness, much less peace and bliss.

By practicing gratitude you will experience the dawning of a transformation within you and by keeping at it, you will be amazed, how rewarding and filled you can feel. Gratitude is not always about grand gestures, it may range from a sincere thank you to an act of extraordinary compassion. 

Another act of being grateful is speaking to Mother, Father, God, Goddess, Creator, to a Supreme Soul, or to someone they feel is up above watching over them. Those who believe in the existence of God, regardless of the religion they follow, have someone they can be grateful to. This allows for a huge psychological boost, this in ways help them survive difficult phases in life; this can give someone the motivation to stay on course along with many numerous other benefits. Daily prayer is a form of gratitude.

In a way, gratitude is not just about being thankful, it is about being gracefully thankful with tolerance, with acceptance and contentment. As part of your emotional transformation, so that you become a stronger, better and a happier person. You can be appreciative with your actions, words, and thoughts. Everything in existence is somehow collaborating to keep you alive and well right now from your breath, to the food that you eat, to the sun rising and setting. If you are able to look through just one chain of events, you cannot help but be filled with gratitude for all the people and things involved.

When you live with gratitude many feel life is happening, how could you not help but be grateful? Being overwhelmed with gratitude is a very beautiful way to be receptive. It can open people up in certain ways that may not have any words to explain how you feel. 

Many Blessings,

Rev. Heather DeLusso

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