In every creature, in every plant, in every seed, there is a source of life at work. Life is one thing, but the source of life is another.  In a human being this source of life is even more magnificently obvious.  Because of this, suddenly after a while all the wonderful gifts that the body offers somehow seem to turn irrelevant and trivial. It is because of this that you and every other human being seem to live in a constant struggle between the physical and the dimension beyond the physical. Though you have the compulsiveness of the physical, you also have the consciousness of being more than just physical.

There are two basic forces within you. One is the instinct of self-preservation, which compels you to build walls around your-self to protect yourself. The other is the constant desire to expand, to become boundless. These two longings—to preserve and to expand- are not opposing forces, though they may seem to be. Most people see them as being in conflict. They are related to two different aspects of your life. One force helps you root yourself well on this planet; the other takes you beyond.

Self- preservation needs to be limited to the physical body. If you have the necessary awareness to separate the two, there is no conflict. But if you are identified with the physical, then instead of working in collaboration, these two fundamental forces become a source of tension. Life has a million ingenious ways to bend you, break you, knead you, and grind you.

As long as your inner life is enslaved to external situations, it will remain a precarious condition. There is no other way for it to be. What then is the way out? The way out is a very simple change in direction. You just need to see that the source of basis of your experience is within you. Pain or pleasure, joy or misery, agony or ecstasy, happens only inside you. Human folly is that people are always trying to extract joy from the outside. You may use the outside as a stimulus or trigger, but the real thing always comes from within.

Most people think peace and joy are the goals of the spiritual life. This is a fallacy. Peace and joy are the basic requirements for a life of well-being. Peace and joy are not things you attain at the end of life. They are the basis of your life.

The word “spirituality” is one of the most corrupted words on the planet.  It is because most people are so deprived of peace that they consider it to be the ultimate aspiration.

If you are aware, you can activate your system in such a way that simply breathing is an enormous pleasure. All it takes is a willingness to pay a little attention to the inner mechanism. Do not look for a way out of suffering. There is only one way- and that is in.

Everything that ever happens to you, you experienced right within you. Light and darkness, pain and pleasure, agony and ecstasy- all of it happened within you.

All human experience is on hundred percent self-created.

Whatever you feel deprived of looks like the highest aspiration. The thing to remember is that none of these will settle you in any enduring way. Human life is longing for unlimited expansion, and that is the only thing that will settle you for good.

The spiritual quest is not a cultivated choice. It is not an induced quest. It is a natural longing. But unless you handle it consciously, it will not yield. When being peaceful, blissful and joyous are not efforts anymore, you naturally start seeking, want to know the nature of life. Mysticism on this planet evolved only in those places where people learned the technology of being ecstatic by their own nature. This is because only when you are blissful you will be in the highest state of receptivity, and truly willing to explore all aspects of life. Otherwise, you would not dare, because if keeping yourself pleasant is a being challenge, you can’t take on other challenges.

If you really want to know spirituality, don’t look for anything. People think spirituality is about looking for God or truth or the ultimate. The problem is you have already denied what you are looking for. It is not the object of your search that is important; it is the faculty of looking. The ability to simply look without motive is missing in the world today. Everybody is a psychological creature; wanting to assign meaning to everything seeking is not about looking for something. It is about enhancing your perception, your very faculty of weeing.

Choices that you make out of inability are not life solution. In inability to be joyful by your own nature can make the simplest issues in life seem like highly complex problems. In pursuit of human happiness, we are ripping the planet apart.  The reason the simple things-life being peaceful, joyful, loving-have become ultimate aspirations is that people are living without paying attention to the life process. When most people say “life,” they mean the accessories of lift-their work, their family, their relationships, the homes they live in, the cars they drive, the clothes they wear, or the gods they pray to. The one thing they miss is life-the life process itself, the essential life that is you. The moment you make this as yourself, life becomes an unnecessary struggle. The foundations of peace and bliss are not about attending to the external realities of your life, but in accessing and organizing the inner nature of your being. Simply your internal life creations, not the materials around it. By not paying attention to your life process then your life, you allow the accessories in life define you.

All of the “material-versus-spiritual” struggles of humanity spring from this ignorance. When you say “spirituality,” you are talking about a dimension beyond the physical. The human desire to transcend the limitations of the physical is a completely natural one. To journey from the boundary-based individual body to the boundless source of creation-this is the very basis of the spiritual process.

You are capable of experiencing only that which is within the boundaries of your sensation. A sense of inclusiveness can happen. Enlightenment is not an attainment or an achievement. It is a homecoming. Your senses give you the impression that you are experiencing the outside, but you have never experienced the outside. When you realize that all that you experience is within, that absolute homecoming is enlightenment. 

The reason why everyone is not naturally enlightened is simply this: people have categorized the world into good and bad, God and Devil, high and low, sacred and filthy, pure and impure, heaven and hell. These are parallel lines that will never meet.

Once you have a fractured this existence within yourself, there is no way to reach a state of enduring well-being and freedom. If you first label someone your enemy and then try to love him or her, it’s going to be torturous! Once you have fragmented creation like this, there is no way to arrive at a state of absolute inclusiveness. We as humans have lost a fundamental distinction-between inward and outward, between their way of being and the way they transact with the external world.

Transactions are different, according to the nature of a situation or relationship. However remote or intimate, transactions are always governed by lows or norms. There is only one governing principle: borderless unity. Our inner world needs none. To attain the ecstasy of borderless unity which is our natural state, all you need to do is live by the guideline that all human experience is generated from within-either with the support of external stimuli or without. That is all. If you establish this within yourself absolutely, the consequences of your transactions will no longer be burdensome.

Do you believe that someone “up there” is going to rescue you and solve all your problems, just remember that you are living on a round planet- and one that’s spinning.  When you look up your looking in the wrong direction in this vast ever-expanding cosmos, what’s up and what’s down? The only distinction you do know right now is “within” and “without.” Self-exploration and transformation, based on the radical premise that it is possible for a human being to evolve consciously. biological evolution, happiness without conscious participation, spiritual evolution can happen consciously. All it takes is willingness. Up and down, good and bad, sacred and profane: these are all assumed. The only way out is in.

The spiritual process is not about imposing your ideas on existence; it is about making yourself in such a way that the creation of the Creator, and every atom in this existence, cannot help yielding to you. When you pursue your own likes and dislikes, you feel alone in this vast existence, constantly insecure, unstable, psychologically challenged. But once existence yields to you, it delivers you to a different place of grace-where every pebble, every rock, every tree, every atom, speaks to you in a language you understand.

We are rooted to the planet right now because of gravity. We have a body today only because of gravity. Gravity is trying to hold you down, whereas grace is a force that is trying to lift you up. If you are released from the physical forces of existence, then grace bursts forth in your life.

As gravity is active, grace too is constantly active. It is just that you have to make yourself available to it. With gravity you have no choice; you are available to it. If you are strongly identified with the physical, gravity it is all that you will know. But with grace, you have to make yourself receptive. Whatever kind of spiritual practice you do, ultimately, you are just working toward making yourself available to grace.

When you are available to grace, suddenly, you seem to function like magic. This possibility is available to everybody. Every moment there are a million miracles happening around you: a flower blossoming, a bird tweeting, a bee humming, a raindrop falling, a snowflake wafting along the clear evening air. There is magic everywhere. If you learn how to live it, life is nothing short of a daily miracle!

Exercise to try:

You may have noticed this about yourself: when you are feeling pleasant, you want to expand; when you are fearful, you want to contract. Try this. Sit for a few minutes in front of a plant or tree. Remind yourself that you are inhaling what the tree is exhaling and exhaling what the tree is inhaling. Even if you are not yet experientially aware of it, establish a psychological connection with the plant. You could repeat this several times a day. After a few days, you will start connecting with everything around you differently. You won’t limit yourself to a tree.  

Many Blessings!

Rev. Heather DeLusso, RMT, PM