Modern science has learned that energy has vibration. The more conscious one can be of the energy in his or her body, the easier it is for one to raise spiritually within one self. When you move your body, you should try to feel that it is energy which gives strength to your muscles, allowing them to move. When you inhale, you should stop to feel the air you are takin in is energy. Everything one does, you should try to be conscious of the energy as the next step upward in awareness, is the way to the divine union.

One should feel that the energy which enables oneself to move and breathe is not your own, personally. Delusion can begin to control thoughts. Statements such as “All this is mine!” it is easier to imagine matter as something that can be possessed. It is more difficult to think of subtle energy, and even air, as ones possession. When energy can be offered up (astral or angelic beings or to God) it is easier to raise ones consciousness also.

(3:14) from the Bhagavad Gita states: “Creatures require nourishment from food; food must be nourished by rain; rain is sustained, in turn, by fire (heat from the sun, which causes bodies of water to evaporate), and heat is produced by the vibration of AUM.”

The Bhagavad Gita subtly suggests the elemental stages of divine manifestation, which are, in truth, our entire sustenance: earth, water, fire, -these visible stages issue from the vibratory power of the cosmos: AUM. Vibration is action, which is to say, Karma.  

On another level the food that one eats, is energy. It substantiality can stimulate gross pleasure also in the thought, “I myself, am eating, enjoying, and delighting in all these pleasurable tastes.” It is not “unlawful” spiritually, to enjoy ones food, but it is better to turn that pleasure into a reminder of the changeless joy of the soul. It helps to do this while eating, to let the enjoyment one gets from food nourish the joy in the heart, by concentrating in the heart whatever delight one feels in the taste.

AUM, the Cosmic Vibration, has three aspects, each of which produces a distinct sound:  Brahma, the creative vibration, gives the highest sound; Vishnu, the preserving vibration, gives a medium pitched sound; and Shiva, the destroying or all-dissolving vibration, gives a low-pitched, rumbling sound. This Trinity is not the same as the Christian Trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, as many scholars claim. That Trinity is expressed, rather, in the Sanskrit threefold “Aum-Tat-Sat” three words that indicate the basic aspects of God: Sat being the eternal Truth from which issues all creation; AUM, the Cosmic Vibration, from which proceeds cosmic manifestation; and Tat, the reflection, at the heart of all vibration, of the motionless Spirit, forever untouched by vibration.

AUM is properly written with three letters. The first letter signifies Brahma; the second one, Vishnu; and the third (properly pronounced as a slightly drawn-out hum), Shiva. The threefold AUM is for that reason chanted on three tonal levels: high, medium, and low. AUM, in English, is generally written “OM,” because that vowel in English is not pure, but consists of two (and even more) vowels: in America at least, a short a (as in “uh”) and the universal u, which should be pronounced oo.  AUM should properly be pronounced, “Uh-oo-mmm.”Tat and Sat also are pronounced with short A’s, like the A in “about.”

All things are manifestations of the Cosmic Vibration. While in deep meditation the first sounds to be heard is the sound of AUM in the right ear. As you deepen your experiences, you will hear it in your whole body; as the whole body vibrates with that sound. Feeling AUM all through the body, one can lose material and false ego identification and raise positive spirituality within ones self’s-consciousness, centered in the core nucleus within the inner regions of organs or tissue which gradually expands with the AUM sound until you are identified with the vibration in all creation. This is a stage known as AUM Samadhi (Samadhi is Sanskrit: समाधि Hindi pronunciation: səˈmaːd̪ʱi also called samāpatti in Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism and a yogic school refers to a state of meditative consciousness. It is a meditative absorption or trance, attained by the practice of dhyāna. In samādhi the mind becomes still.)

We are all apart of Christ consciousness which vibrates within the body-and the center of every vibration of the body, reflecting the motionless Spirit beyond creation. Gradually your consciousness expands with the Christ consciousness, or Tat, until you perceive it as infinite. Once you choose to become conscious your ability to respond is limitless and suddenly life within your reorganizes itself in a completely different way. You move into higher and higher levels of freedom within yourself. Life can now be wonderful an exhilarating journey of your self-discovery.  It is only after reaching a stage. Beyond Christ consciousness, which you choose live in the eternally watchful state, resides the Supreme Spirit, Sat

Many Blessings, 

Rev. Heather A. DeLusso