Take a moment to get out your journal book and make a note about how your feeling. Have you recently decided that’s it I am taking this spiritual journey! Taking a spiritual journey can be especially awakening for some having nothing but positive and exhilarating experience after experience. Then there are those who feel like it is overwhelming and feelings like you’re alone. I am here to tell you... you are not alone!

Spiritual awakening is different for everybody. Some people say that their awakening has been very positive, exciting, mind bending and wondrous journey. Others relate that their awakening has taken its toll on them. That all they feel is powerless to stop the current cycle and feel a lack of purpose.

For many of us the process of moving to this place is a journey that takes deep emotional work, intense realizations and profound moments of connection and ah-ha. The journey towards a place of clarity and truth is marked with stepping stones and shifts in your overall state of internal being and external environment.

It's very important to observe your thoughts, feeling and emotions during your spiritual awakening. Your consciousness shift can be quick, or it can be slower, as your subconscious reveals to you, the truths that you have forgotten. You go on your path of searching and seeking, and find that certain pieces of information fit within your puzzle - truths starts to resonate with you. Other times you hear teachings and facts that you can't relate to, you needn't accept them. It is important to do what you intuitively feel is right. Observe your feelings and emotions during your awakening. Journaling allows you to see how things are going. If you are feeling overwhelmed with feelings of good, bad or indifferent towards things that are coming up, you may have even been stifling feelings or experiencing negative self-speak within your own mind/body/spirit. It is important to take long meditative looks at what is triggering these emotions.

Sometimes we continuously exhaust ourselves by intensely searching for answers to the nature of existence; this can lead to stress and anxiety. It is important to take a step back and take a deep breath. Sometimes it is wise to alienate ourselves from others to contemplate but in most cases it is equally more important to find a community in which you can turn to and talk about what is going on. You just never know who you might meet and can lend a helping in through their experiences. A balance must be found.

If you have been developing, opening and working on yourself and your spiritual journey, how do you know that change is actually taking place? There are a variety of symptoms that can happen. Some of the signs to compare to your journey may be:

·         Waking up (or being woken up) repeatedly in the middle of the night.

·         Seeing shadows and figures when you walk by or near a dimly lit room.

·         Activities seem to be happening much faster or much slower than normal - a sense of time that seems to pass to quickly or slow down to a point that feels confusing.

·         Your physical body feels like you are shaking, vibrating, and more anxious than normal.

·         Having changes in your sinus system - nose, throat or other chakra symptoms are reacting within you.

·         Seeing flashes of light around you (clairvoyant abilities opening).

·         Start hearing a much larger range of sounds than before - higher and lower vibrational sounds are now being heard in your range of frequencies.

·         New abilities previous unavailable become available - you can sense things more easily, you have precognitive experiences, you have more awareness of the Spirit world and flashes of old, forgotten. memories start coming to the surface.

·         Spirit begins to find a way of communicating with you.

·         Having more unusual, vivid or symbolic dreams than normal. Visions and dreams that signify stepping out of your body - or stepping out of your “old life”.

·         Seeing repeating numbers everywhere on license plates, clocks, radio and more - 1:11, 2:22, 12:12, etc.

·         Ringing or buzzing in the ears, feeling dizzy (signs the energy is shifting around and within you, moving through and between the veils, the consciousness of each one of us is unique; it is integral part of an infinite field of interconnected vibration. We can lose awareness that on the most expanded levels we are always connected with everything around us. We forget the limitless potential that is always available both within and outside of ourselves).

·         Major changes in your diet - such as not eating as much or not being hungry as much or eating more fruits and vegetables - signs your body and Spirit are now requiring higher vibrational foods.

·         Feeling like you are running out of time, that time is speeding up or that there isn’t enough time (things are moving vibrationally faster for you).

·         Major changes in your sleeping pattern - needing much more sleep as you adjust to the change or being unable to sleep as the higher vibrational energy of Spirit starts to join with your body more and more.

·         Headaches and fogginess, especially in the forehead or third eye area, a sign your intuitive abilities are expanding outward.

·         Start to notice more sudden feelings of discomfort when you are around others - a sign your empathic abilities are increasing.

·         Difficulty meshing in your relationships with family, friends and coworkers - a sign your thoughts, emotions and energy is shifting and separating from those around you.

·         Personal issues with functioning in life and feeling ‘out of it’ - disconnecting from society, feeling like you are in a bubble as you rise upwards.

·         You notice more drain on your energy after you have been with certain types of people and you need more rest and recuperation after social situations than before.

·         Feeling a lot more emotionally chaotic lately as you release and let go of old energies, thoughts and feelings you have been holding onto, that were previously prevented you from moving upward.

·         Feeling like you are in altered state of consciousness suddenly.

·         Difficult relationships begin to end suddenly, painlessly and improved relationships begin to emerge.

·         Challenges that were previously very difficult for you are now being handled with wiser and more insightful attitudes.

·         A new relationship with yourself begins to emerge - better feelings about yourself, you spend more time, energy and effort focusing and catering on yourself.

·         Difficult thought patterns and behaviors begin releasing and feelings of love, gentleness and compassion begin to emerge.

·         Your short term memory starts to go as you begin to live more fully in the present - you can’t remember what happened this morning or two days ago, forget names, or things you meant to say.

·         Miracles begin to happen.

·         Manifestations start to happen much more frequently - you wish for something and soon, it appears

·         You get a little clumsy.

·         You start to lose things that you just had a minute ago and find things where you had previously looked- You notice more vivid and brilliant colors (not just the colors Crayola created).

·         You feel as though you can pick up on things that you couldn’t before, new close connections to animals, people, plants and crystals starts emerging.

It has been the experience from working with so many wonderful people over the years that if you notice more than 5 of these signs, this can mean change is actively happening and you are in the middle of a soul shift. Your soul is now growing, expanding and reaching in a direction of love, healing and abundance. It is important to set up some goals of developing spiritually is to move to a place within yourself of love, peace, acceptance, compassion and away from a place of worry, fear, anxiety, concern and trouble. It is important to move to a place of inner clarity and calm. The shift to inner clarity and peace brings increases in intuitive ability expression and spiritual communication ease. Serenity Grove offers monthly community circles along with many alternative ways to handle these changes in your life. Keep watch on Serenity Grove upcoming event page for updates on community circles as it is continuously updated and posted at www.serenitygrovecenter.com. There are also many services available for you to explore. We are always just a phone call away toll free 866-528-4355.


Many Blessings

Rev. Heather DeLusso