A prayer ribbon can be used for any type of spiritual requests. The ribbon(s) are activated and then placed outside the home with the idea that as the ribbons dance in the wind; your prayers are sent to spiritual realms. These prayers can be for protection, health, wisdom, success, and connection to loved ones in heaven. Follow the instructions below and create your own prayer ribbons for the coming year.



Choose your ribbons (your choice of color can be based on the type of prayer you are sending or loved one you’re reaching out to).

Write out your ribbons with requests and prayers.

Use one prayer for each ribbon, if you have more than a single ribbon. Hold the ribbon in your hand and intone your prayer. Repeat until your fingers grow warm and you feel as if you are enveloped with spiritual peace and happiness. Seal your prayer by kissing the ribbon or holding up to spirit and presenting it to the spiritual realm. When you are finished with your prayers, tie the ribbon(s) to the string to be strung up outside. Pull that warm energy through the ribbons and string with love and feeling secure that what you have written down is consecrated.


Sprinkle the ribbons with holy water or anoint with sacred oil, once again stating your request rubbing in a circular motion. A circle is open, but never broken, knowing that the circle energy is never broken.  When you get home take the ribbons outside. As you tie your ribbons up think of boosting the prayer with the Earth energy so that it can travel to the heavens. Run your hand through the energy of the ribbons up and down, beginning with the closest point to the ground, letting your hand continue traveling up off the ribbons and towards the heavens.

Ribbon Chart & Meanings:

The following list represents cross-cultural beliefs associated with colors; therefore, you will notice that some colors may have the same associations. For example, blue and black both represent wisdom. Here, black stands for the wisdom of the unknown or what has yet to be learned and blue is for the wisdom of Spirit.


White: the goddess, ancient mother, purity, spirituality; devotional magic, general prayers, illumination, cycle of life, good will, initiation, feminine mystery, freedom love, health, to symbolize a person, place or thing.

Black: return energy to sender, divination, protection dark goddesses, time, chaos, the first stage of a working, the beginning of creation, north, winter, rebirth, wisdom, the number 8, infinity, destroy bad habits, rest, investigation and combats hyperactivity use sparingly. Many practitioners follow the burning of a black candle with the lighting of a white one to bring balance to the magical working.

Blue-black: use for wounded pride, for the broken bones to knit properly, and angelic protection.

Violet: intelligence, call the ancient ones, create sigils, anything to do with government, truth, justice, humility, planet Jupiter, religious devotion, and forgiveness.

Lavender: Peace, serenity, dreaming magic, invoke Spirit when the process of charitable works.

Blue: truth, intelligence, wisdom, loyalty, fidelity, protect ones reputation, peace, meditation, feminine mysteries, water, great mother queen of heaven, infinity, poetry, faith, planet Venus, to defeat an enemy, and protect hearth, home and the young. Use with white to create confusion among evil.

Green: healing, the green man, god or goddess of vegetation and forest, youth, hope, happiness, new beginnings, improve the weather, financial gains (with gold and silver), agricultural magic, abundance, prosperity, immortality, spring, the planets Venus and Mercury.

Yellow: healing, energy of the sun, prosperity, self-esteem, intellect, intuition, goodness, humility, beauty, light, life, truth, prosperity, attraction, and the Gods. Wear some yellow to a job interview to show that you can be trusted (brown says that you are responsible).

Orange: opportunities, the ability to overcome challenges, break blocks, material gain, helps to seal a spell, happiness, luxury, remove feelings of abandonment.

Red: action, passion, deep affection, courage, fire, masculine, principle, festivity, strength, faith, life renewal, joy, summer, active leadership, expansion, the planet Mars.

Pink: friendship and harmony.

Silver: fast money, moon magic, the Goddess, reality, connection to Spirit, astral travel, freedom, destroy illusions, restore balance, endurance, star magic, meditation, peace, personal illumination.

Gray: stabilize a disturbed personality, slow down a reckless person or situation.

Brown/Bronze: soothe emotional upsets, security, support, friendship, and nature magic.

Reverend Heather DeLusso is an internationally known gifted Psychic Medium. As of January 2016 Rev. Heather DeLusso was recognized by Minister: Swami Yogatmananda as being a spiritually developed adult having prakruti along with demonstrating and achieving inner balance living her life as a spiritual teacher who has attained atma in which the Upaguru is manifesting. Having attained the knowledge and Atmagnani she is invited to consider conducting her life as a Satguru and continue to live her life in a blessed and sincere way.  In addition to her work as a psychic medium, Heather is a gifted Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Healer and Master Teacher, Animal Communicator & Healer, Metaphysical Minister, Tibetan Bowl Sound Healer and Spiritual Teacher. She is co-owner of Serenity Grove Wellness Center, LLC in Coventry, CT. 866-528-4355 serenitygrovecenter@yahoo.com www.serenitygrovecenter.com

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