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Quick guide to Creative Visualization

Creative visualization is a technique used to make dreams come true. The idea is to create an image in your mind’s eye of something you desire. It is the simplest way for you to reprogram your subconscious, so you experience more success in almost any area of your life.  By empowering an image through concentrated meditation, you can generate a visual mental imagery, with your eyes open or closed. When doing this you create or recreate a visual perception and transform the image into reality. When you generate a mental image this will simulate or recreate the sensory perception.

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Mantras For the Heart and Soul

Here at Serenity Grove Wellness Center LLC we offer a free prayer service. Each day in meditation we pray in many ways to help those in need of healing and prayers.  Through this service Lisa and myself have witnessed and can attest to just how powerful yet subtle mantra can change many afflictions for ourselves and others. I turn your attention to a meditation, prayer/mantra and sound healing performed just recently. "Om Arkaya Swaha" Om Ahr-Kah-Yah Swa-Ha Which means "Om and salutations to the Shining One who removes afflictions." At first I just spoke the words like we would read a normal page then my soul resonated with the seed sounds this mantra was providing and before I knew it I was chanting it full board and resonating with spirit. As the mantra came from my soul and myself I pulled out an ocean drum and within minutes the healing energy was amplified. The sound of my voice raising spiritual power and the Ocean drum was sending the healing energy to the ethers. Within a very short time I knew even though I had not performed the mantra in tradition 108 times over a period of 40 days I suddenly felt very satisfied that what I wanted through the power of intention took place. I am very blessed to have received affirmation from someone near and dear to my heart that their spirits were improved compared to the moments prior they had not been in the best place for themselves.

Mantra means a sound, a certain utterance or a syllable. Today, modern science sees the whole existence as reverberations of energy, different levels of vibrations. Where there is a vibration, there is bound to be a sound. The power of mantra is truly a power that we can harness within ourselves. Much like the Tibetan bowls and Reiki healing are simple yet effective and powerful. As humans we can heal ourselves in so many ways without having to turn to "medicine" Now don't get me wrong, there is a time and a place for everything! There are times in our lives in which medical intervention is crucial.

Our very own voices can be a very simple yet powerful tool. When you work to clear your mind so that you can consider any question or a specific question it can put you in a placid and unobstructed state that allows the inner and external healing to begin or process.  If you have a particular issue in your life, or a material or spiritual goal you wish to accomplish, pick a Mantra or a seed sound that seems to represent the energy you desire but have been lacking.

The Sanskrit language is a device, not necessarily a medium of communication. Most of the other languages were made up because we had to refer to something. Initially, they started with just a handful of words and then multiplied them into complex forms. But Sanskrit is a discovered language every word form has a seed sound attached to it. Every form in the existence is reverberating in a certain way and creates a certain sound. When Sanskrit is taught, it has to be learned by rote. The sound is important, not the meaning. When you utter a sound, a form is being created. There is a whole science of using sounds in a particular way so that it creates the right kind of form. We can create powerful forms by uttering sounds in certain arrangements. This is known as the Nada Yoga, the yoga of sound. If you have mastery over the sound you also have mastery over the form that is attached to it. “Nada” means “sound.” “Brahma” means “Divine,” the All. Mantras allow the chakras to "switch on" safely and to operate at a higher "wattage." When we practice Sanskrit mantra, we increase the ability of the chakras to hold a spiritual charge. Mantra's power derives not from any particular meaning that their syllables convey, but from the vibrational effect they create when they are pronounced repeatedly.

The process of intoning these ancient formulas works in the everyday world even if we don't understand what we are saying because mantras are fundamentally about energy rather than meaning. The Sanskrit approach to changing the undesirable inner conditions is directly tied to changing the energy pattern. This is important in Mantra's, Reiki, Sound Healing and so many other Holistic modalities out there. When we create sound vibration within the body such as a mantra it goes immediately to the negative condition and begins to break it up.  As a result, there may be some outer "drama" that takes place somewhere in the process as the energy center "defends itself." We may get very angry over something trivial. Such a reaction can be mild or strong, depending upon the particulars of the person and the depth of the problem.

To change a chronic condition, there are three phases for which mantra practice is employed. Using "medical" treatment as a model, we can describe the process like this:

1. Vibratory intervention or surgery, which takes place over a period of days or weeks as the condition is transformed;

2. A dressing or unguent, which begins to rearrange the energy into a new and useful pattern;

3 A bandage, which slowly turns to new skin protecting the place where the transformation took place.

There are three sounds in the existence. Any given sound can be created out of these three sounds. Try this simple experiment: without the use of the tongue, there are only three sounds you can utter: “aaa”, “ouuu”, and “mmm”. Even if you cut off your tongue, you can still utter these three sounds. For any other sound, you need the use of the tongue. You are using the tongue only to mix these three sounds in many ways to produce all the other sounds. There are so many millions of sounds you can create with your mouth, but a person who is mute can only say “aaa”, “ouuu”, and “mmm”. He or she cannot say anything else because he or she is not able to use his tongue. If you utter these three sounds together, what do you get? AUM. AUM is not some religion’s trademark. It is the fundamental sound in the existence. It is said that Shiva can create a whole new existence just by uttering three AUMs. 

The basic mantra, energy, sound is all inclusive it can transform any of our inner conditions whether it is fear, pain, anger, peace,  deeper love, deeper feelings, the want to make oneself better. Where relief is genuinely sought, Sanskrit mantra formulas can be extremely useful. When we recognize an inner condition needs to change we can help devise a Holistic approach to harness power and holistically change the condition that may stand in your way. It’s so simple it is mind blowing. Best of all no pill or hospital stay needed, just some time to honor your body and listen to what your needs are at that time.

I have to give credit where credit is due… I have set forth on a journey to learn Mantra work and I have finally found my voice.  Some of my teachings began from a phenomenal book called Healing Mantras written by Thomas Ashley – Ferrand. If this modality of healing resonates with you this book will open your eyes, heart and help you fall in love with this century old tradition.

Many Blessings,

Rev. Heather DeLusso

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