Downloadable Class - Developing Your Intuition - Beginning Level


Downloadable Class - Developing Your Intuition - Beginning Level

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With this downloadable workbook you will be given the information and practice exercises necessary for developing your own psychic abilities.  Topics covered in the class include:

  • psychic terminology

  • overview of runes, tarot, pendulums, and dreams as divination tools

  • self-care and journaling

  • understanding the body as an energetic being and an awareness of the chakras

  • how to interpret the coincidences in our lives

  • opening up to your intuition and learning to listen to that small voice within

  • developing our five psychic senses: hearing, sight, touch, taste, and smell

  • connecting with our sixth sense, learn how to contact the Angels and receives messages and guidance from your Guardian Angels

  • connecting with Spirit Guides

  • the power of meditation

  • using psychic protection and clearing to protect yourself

In addition to the downloadable class you will receive

  • two 45 minute phone call consultations with Rev. Heather DeLusso and Lisa Huppert to reinforce the concepts being learned as well as to answer questions related to the class. *Please note that these phone calls are not for the purpose of receiving a psychic reading.

  • access to a private Facebook group designated for students of the class in which you can share questions, comments, experiences and progress.