Learn How to Use a Pendulum


Learn How to Use a Pendulum

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Join us for this fun interactive and insightful class. We will discover together the in's and out's to using a pendulum along with exploring different charts that can assist you with a pendulum reading. 

This class is 2 hours in length. 

When: Classes are available privately during Serenity Grove Wellness Center LLC business hours and are scheduled to accommodate each other’s schedule. Call 866-528-4355 or email serenitygrovecenter@yahoo.com to schedule a class.  

Where: Serenity Grove Wellness Center is available privately in our home studios or in a center or space you may have available.

You may purchase a pendulum which will be available for separate charge upon arrival for class. 

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A pendulums is a fun divination tool that you can use to get answers to questions.  

In this class you will learn:

  • the correct way to hold a pendulum
  • how to create an use pendulum tables
  • how to receive answers to questions
  • how to cleanse and care for your pendulum