Reiki Master Teacher Certification


Reiki Master Teacher Certification

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When: Classes are available during the business hours and are scheduled to accommodate your schedule. Call or email to schedule a class.
Where: Serenity Grove Wellness Center or in your own home, center or space.
Fee:  $400
Class Time: 6-8 hours

Eligibility Requirements:  Must have Reiki ll certificate and the student's intentions, commitment and dedication to this healing work to helping themselves others must be present. The student most show that they have mastered drawing the sacred symbols and understand their purpose.  


Training Manual
Two attunements if Advanced Reiki Training has not been taken, or One final attunement if Advanced Reiki training was taken.
Extensive discussion on what it means to become a Reiki Master/Teacher, the ethics and becoming a role model for other students.
Ability to teach others how to perform Reiki
Two Reiki Master symbols, their meaning and usage
Complete and detailed instructions to perform a self – attunement, healing attunement and student attunements for each level of Reiki training – Reiki l, Reiki ll, Advanced Reiki Training and Reiki Master/Teacher
Practice, practice, practice to ensure you understand and know the intricacies of the attunement process
Reiki Master/Teacher Certificate

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