Animal Reiki (Hands on & Distance Sessions)


Animal Reiki (Hands on & Distance Sessions)

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Animal Reiki benefits our Fur Babies along with other Animal Companions….

  • Animal Reiki is a natural safe healing tool

  • Animal's energy body includes a spiritual, Emotional, Mental &A physical well-being levels and aspects.

  • Animal Reiki calms scared, Fearful animals, Calms there worries, Anxiety, along with many other symptoms that no longer serve them

  • Helps reduce stress, induces relaxation, Promotes better behaviors to help healing on the Mind, Body, Soul

  • Great for feral animals, Wildlife, Rescues, Hard to Reach & Handle Animals

  • Long distance energy healing works anywhere in the world

  • We are all "Divine Beings of Energy" - Negative Ions within the meridians are replaced with Positive Ions bringing your fur baby to be their highest good

  • Reiki Energy flows through blockages assisting in opening up chakras, energy meridians on the Mind, Body, & Soul levels

  • Energy healing removes energy that is holding the animal back from being the best “them” that they can be

  • Reiki assists in helping the animal let go of the past and be better for their new situation. Such as integrating into a new home, Adoption, Abandoned, Abused, Jealous, and so many other symptom’s

When offering our fur babies all of the benefits of animal Reiki, we are truly giving something back to our animal companions, whether it is healing, unconditional love, laughter, and support they give us and others.

Reiki is not just for the sick, and elderly it is for our healthy fur babies to assist in keeping them healthy. That’s great news.

Through Reiki we can help your pet care professionals with difficult diagnosis and hard to understand symptoms.

Animal Reiki is gentle it can be performed in person as a hands on session or from a distance much like prayers that no distance or boundaries.  Animals are very open to the distance healing energy of Reiki. Using Reiki with pets, no matter what types of prescribed drug therapies and any other programs your pet may be on, Reiki can work side-by-side naturally with anything your vet or other pet care professionals may be incorporation. Through Animal Reiki at a distance, as a practioner we facilitate and accelerate your pets own healing processes which eases pain, stress, along with other emotions your pet may be processing through there life.

Animals absolutely love receiving the loving energy and vibrations of Reiki energy without a doubt and greatly benefit from the sessions.

I greatly look forward to scheduling an Animal Reiki healing session and/ or Animal communication session to help your fur babies today! Making an appointment is easy! We offer day and evening time slots Monday through Saturday to suit your needs.

Hands on sessions are held in your home for your fur baby.  *Note:  A $10 additional charge will be added if any party is more than 30 miles from our location in Coventry, CT 

Distant Healing sessions are available anywhere in the world, allowing your pet to not have to stop what they are doing in the comfort of their home.

Please take note of our cancellation policy:  To hold your appointment time, customers need to prepay the cancellation fee located in the drop down box, which will be deducted off the balance at the time of service.  If payment is not received 48 hours prior to the appointment your time slot will not be held. Please notify us 24 hours in advance if you are unable to keep your appointment, and we will refund the cancellation fee.  

Thank you in advance for understanding. We greatly appreciate your business.

Learn More About Serenity Grove Wellness Center’s Animal Reiki Certification Course…..

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