Expressive Art for healing

Whether appreciating art or making art, one can get lost in the colors, images, and process. Art can be meditative and healing.  

There are several benefits to engaging in the creative process.  First and foremost it will promote relaxation and reduce stress.  Through creative expression you can connect to your feelings and using your imagination will help to lessen pain and anxiety.  Expressive arts can help you to process grief and trauma as well as strengthen or heighten your sense of empowerment and well-being.  Making art can also help to connect you to your inner self to discover your sense of purpose. 

Serenity Grove Wellness Center, through facilitation by Lisa Huppert, offers the opportunity for one to explore their inner self as a way to gain perspective on one's life journey and purpose as well as to heal emotional pain or trauma either in a group setting or privately.  One does not need to have any artistic skill or talent in which to engage in expressive art.  The opportunity to come to the center and along with artistic and spiritual guidance create your own piece of expressive art is available to you.  

Art Gatherings

Gather a group together in your home or place of business for a creative experience.  Art can be meditative and healing.  Engaging in the creative process reduces stress and promotes relaxation.  It also helps us to become aware of desires and life purpose by intuitively tapping into our inner self.  

Choose from one of the creative experiences listed below to bring the healing effects to yourself and a group of friends. 
No artistic talent is required for the classes.  
All materials will be provided.  $45 per participant.

*Note:  A $10 additional charge will be added if any party is more than 30 miles from our location in Coventry, CT
Please note if at any time you need to cancel a service we require 48 hours by a phone call at 866-528-4355 or there will be a $40 cancellation fee. Fee can be paid by using our donation button or by calling us and making a payment by Credit Card. If the service was prepaid for, then a bank certified check minus the applicable cancellation fees will be mailed to you and you only to your address Thank you for your understanding. Many Blessings!

Mandalas of the Moment:  Mandalas are circular designs symbolizing the notion that life is never ending. Mandalas can be created to symbolize an individual's  journey through life, or reveal the individual's path in life. Following a certain process, participants will create a mandala that represents them.  We will be using chalks, and inks, so please bring a smock or wear clothing that can get “arty” and prepare for your hands to get colorful!




Private Expressive Art session

Spend two and a half hours privately learning how to create your own expressive art piece. You will be given all materials and shown the process for using your intuition to create an original piece.  Come and allow your inner self to be expressed.  Experience the healing effects of expressive art.  This is an excellent way to work through emotions and issues that are weighing on you.  No artistic experience or skill is necessary.  Call to set up an appointment.