Request for prayers


Request for prayers


Every morning Rev. Heather DeLusso takes time to send healing for all those who desire healing support for themselves or others – for physical, emotional and spiritual needs, including healing of relationships, memories, freedom from addictions, loved ones, and our animals. Healing requests are held in strict confidence. Prayer services are not limited to those still here on the earth they are for our loved ones crossed in spirit.

The sacrament of Healing is also available for those who are ill at home, preparing for surgery and other medical challenges, in hospital or care facilities. Contact Rev. Heather DeLusso and see prayer by bedside and transitional ceremony.

Prayers requests remain in a verbal prayer chain for one month and can be renewed for longer periods of time by requesting for space to be held for them at longer periods of time. All prayers and names are recorded in a confidential book that has received sacrament for healing and prayers.
For heavy hearted requests Serenity Grove Wellness Centers Community is full of love and compassion and would love to assist in sending healing and prayers for everyone. Only first names will be used in order to preserve confidentiality.

Additional Prayer Resources:

Rev. DeLusso is available to meet individually for pastoral consultation, healing support and spiritual guidance.

Serenity Grove Wellness Center offers meditation session and journaling, providing spiritual opportunity to experience a place of peace.

See the Ministry Service page for other spiritual offerings.

Amazing things can happen with people come into agreement. A spiritual power is unleashed and it’s a miracle in the working.

Take a moment now to send us your prayer request for free.

Many Blessings!
 Peace be with you!

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