In today's society, stressful situations and environments surround us, making it all the more important to understand how to manage stress to maintain proper well-being. This five-part series will explore the nature of stress and the variety of ways in which one can manage stress in a holistic way. Participants will learn and identify the stressors affecting their life, explore coping strategies for stress, and learn how to employ a variety of relaxation techniques. The series will conclude by taking a look at how living in a digital society is having an effect on daily stress. Each class will be a mixture of content, discussion, and activity. Come and learn how to let go of stress and lead a healthier life!

Cost:  $45 (There is a $5 materials fee payable to the instructor in cash at the first class.)

Dates & Times: Tuesdays, November 6th - December 4th   6:00 - 8:00 pm

Location: Rockville High School, Rockville, CT

Register for this class using this link: Holistic Stress Class.  Registration opens on Thursday, August 23rd.