Mirror of the Soul Workshop Registration


Mirror of the Soul Workshop Registration

40.00 50.00

Mirror of the Soul Workshop

Saturday, July 20, 2019 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Mill Brook Place, 1267 Main Street, Coventry CT

Must register for this event.

Registration Fee: $50

Early Bird Registration (by June 15): $40.

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SoulCollage® is a unique, simple and fun tool that helps you tap into your Creativity and Intuition, and requires no skill in art. You will make one or more “cards” - 5” x 8” pieces of art made from images you are drawn to, which grab hold of you and offer an array of feelings. As creative beings, we are drawn to images that speak to us, fill a need, give us joy, and feed our souls. Your pieces of art become a mirror of your soul and show your inner story.  

Come experience a fun and creative time. Guided meditations, music for your soul, delicious snacks and bountiful card making time. All materials will be provided, and you will have access to my large library of hundreds of images. Come create and process SoulCollage® cards in a safe and caring environment. In the afternoon we will have breakout sessions in which you can experience using your cards for your own personal reading and insight.