Psychic Medium E mail Animal Readings


Psychic Medium E mail Animal Readings

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An animal communicator facilitates the conversation between you and your animal friend so that you can learn more about each other.

The communication is based on first listening to the animal's concerns and questions by asking them directly. We communicate lovingly with animal(s).

Questions we can ask: Where did you come from? Do you feel okay? Why are you behaving a certain way? Do you have any wishes? Along with anything else that comes to mind for them.

Do you have more than one fur baby you would like us to speak to? No problem!

Purchase one for each of your babies.

Then e mail or private message us a picture of your baby or babies. Within 24 hours you will receive an e mail back.

We love this! No stress! Best of all you receive a detailed e mail with everything in writing so you can read and reread the information.

Readings are $40 for per animal.

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