What is SoulCollage®?

SoulCollage® is a soul-satisfying process where you create a personal deck of collaged cards.   Choose from a variety of images from magazines and photographs; then, using just scissors and glue create a deck of collaged cards that reflect something about yourself, your life, your dreams, and your influences.  Learn how to consult your cards for self-exploration and understanding, by doing readings alone or in small groups.   This wonderful, magical, creative process was developed by Seena Frost whose website is 


Do you have to be an artist to do this?

Absolutely not!  Anyone can do it!  The only things we use are: scissors, glue, magazine images, and lots of creativity and imagination!  All you need is a willingness to go within to create a magnificent card.  This is a multi-leveled, creative process, which anyone can do.  Through the collage process, you can combine photographs, printed materials, or even computerized images to explore your avenues of expression.

If you are an experienced artist, you will find that SoulCollage® elicits another dimension, which is so profound, that it truly does reach into your soul and express your pure spirit, beyond verbal expression.  The essence of SoulCollage® is that of a new language, which allows us to communicate as one spiritual being to another.


Learn to make your personal deck of cards containing the images you select- or the images that select you – which speak from your Soul.


These images tell your personal story, and how it weaves into the greater story of humankind. They will represent: 

*  inner parts of your character

*  visible and invisible allies and guides

*  archetypal guides who inspire you

SoulCollage® is a process through which you awaken your intuition and create a deck of incredible cards. By connecting with your subconscious, these cards have deep personal meaning and will guide you with life's questions. SoulCollage® is an invaluable tool in guiding you towards the realization of wisdom as you transition through the stages of life. It accelerates and deepens your awareness of your unique talents, and the ways you can enrich your life and the lives of those around you.

Discover the possibilities within you.


SoulCollage® Gatherings

 Interested in having a SoulCollage® gathering of friends? A group can be  facilitated for you at your home or other space of your choosing. Table space is needed for participants to create their cards.  Space for materials to be spread out on is also required.  All materials will be provided.  SoulCollage® gatherings are 3 hours in length.   

Private SoulCollage® Work

You can schedule one on one time to work with the SoulCollage® process under the guidance of a trained facilitator.  Private sessions last two hours.  These sessions provide:

*  An opportunity to create more cards for your personal deck using a wide variety of images

*   Personal instruction on creating specific cards for certain suits of a deck

*   Help in conducting a reading with your own deck

*  One on one guidance in personal reflection using the process of SoulCollage®

Fee:  $60

A fee of $15 per half hour for extra time


    Contact us to schedule your gathering or private session.

    Check our website for any classes or workshops being offered.