Sagittarius Nov 22nd – Dec 21st  Hey there Sagittarius this week the divine is speaking to you to let you know it is time raise your vibration and raise your energy, through music, dance, art, reiki, yoga and whatever it is that makes you inspired. This week is for getting a lot accomplished, and focusing on every aspect of your life, family, career, and that you’re ready to change your life and let go of those bad habits you know need to be put to rest.  Your positive, uplifting energy inspires others and reminds all to be a good person, friend, co-worker in your life, cause it’s the little things you do that keep everyone whole. Continue to be that person who is solidly on everyone’s side, even though may want to be a bit self-absorbed.


Capricorn Dec. 22nd - Jan 19th Hey there Capricorns this week the divine is speaking to you to remind you not to be trifled with, take that healthy source of feeling and use it to your advantage. The need for you to be forceful and honest in some situation to get your needs met. You may need to put your foot down. Your instincts are serving you well. You already know what it is you want and need; now you just have to go after it. Be mindful of other people's boundaries as you are doing so. Even though you may be very clear on what needs to happen in your environment, this is not the time to broadcast your impressions. Don't overreact to any perceived slights or disrespect. Also beware the impulse to be too forceful. We've all been told that we'll get more flies with honey than with vinegar, and there's truth to this. Find inner balance so you can be steadfast in this week’s journey.

Aquarius Jan 20th – Feb 18th  Hey there Aquarius this week the divine is speaking to remind you things are about change and they need to change, maybe fear is holding you back from this change? The divine angels are going to make it happen one way or another, so be positive about it. You will be happy you did! Most likely there are some people/situations that you have counted on as being there for you may no longer be there in quite the same way. This doesn't have to be dire; change is the nature of life, and trying to prevent it is like trying to row upstream without a paddle. You will be able to replace whatever it is with something more realistic and reachable likeable such as your dreams and goals. The energy of this time lends itself toward arguments (because change can be hard and scary); try to keep your temper and fear under control, and do not take everything that others say to heart too much. Absolutely no need to panic. Now that you are forewarned means you are ready to handle it.

Pisces Feb 19th – Mar 20th Hey there Pisces this week the divine is speaking to you to remind that finally things are changing. Even if it is subtle. Change is good do not allow it to traumatize you or let it be difficult. Remember "this too shall pass" is a fantastic motto for this week and will allow you to stay in balance. So whether it's good times or bad times, it passes. If suddenly you find yourself "sitting on top of the world," keep your perspective, as that too, like everything else, changes. Live in the now, count your blessings, and just realize that much of life is outside of your control, but that even that is okay. Roll with any changes, and think positively. You got this! You are being called to follow your dream, no matter what it is. If you have a desire to do something different, but don't know anybody who does what you want to do - be bold, and call up someone who does what you dream of doing, and ask them to talk to you about it. You'd be surprised how often such a request is met in the affirmative.

Aries Mar 21st – Apr 19th Hey there Aries this week the divine is speaking to you to remind you that where you put your focus in life has a great deal to do with the quality of our lives and how well it work for us. The divine wants you to be extra mindful this week and watch where you put your focus and make sure that the focus is for your highest good. Try not to get too get worked up if there are delays in anything your trying to focus on this week. Everything will likely be moving slowly this week even if you wanted it done yesterday. Be pro-active but not pushy. There is much hope for the future after this lull of time.

Taurus Apr 20th – May 20th  Hey there Taurus this week the divine is speaking to remind you the idea of karma and the law of cause and effect, stating that all events, and all people, are connected. It's important to remember that not everything you are dealing with, however, is a direct result of your own actions or karma. Sometimes you will be called upon to deal with the results of the actions of someone you care about, and this can sometimes be as difficult and demanding as it is when you're up against something that is completely of your own making. Don't blame yourself unnecessarily. Be sure to evoke the need for fairness, balance, and harmony. Operate in as balanced and reasonable a fashion as you can. This includes in how you think about and treat yourself. If you are directly involved with a court case, it is likely to be resolved, at least in large degree, in your favor.

Gemini May 21st – Jun 20th Hey there Gemini this week the divine is speaking to remind you this is a great time for travel if you can manage to get away. You should be feeling charged up, full of energy, and ready to get things done. Your self-confidence is likely to be increasing and this should help you toward your goals. Your projects are likely to be/have been more successful than you would have expected or predicted. You have a lot of reasons to feel pride. Savor it.

Cancer Jun 21st – Jul 22nd Hey there Cancer this week the divine is speaking to warn you to remember to pay attention to what "is" now, and the many blessings we each currently experience, and not to worry too much about "what could be." It is all too easy to overlook what we already have in the pursuit of what we don't have. Be sure that you are "counting your blessings." Don't spend too much time in self-pity or wishing your life away. A lot of life has to do with where we put our focus. Put your focus on the things and people in your life that you have to be thankful for. Consider a gratitude journal.

Leo Jul 23rd – Aug 22nd Hey there Leo this week the divine is speaking to you to remind you that at this point in time you may be feeling less than secure or stable. Do the best you can, with what you have you will truly be amazed to see that nothing more is actually needed and just adds to the clutter that you already have. The important thing to remember is that there is always help available when we need it, from forces both seen and unseen, if you feel that you truly need it. You may feel alone, but you have the capacity to change that, cause you’re not. Reach out your better than you think you are at this point.

Virgo Aug 23rd- Sep 22nd Hey there Virgo this week the divine is speaking to you to remind you that you are likely to finally receive news that you've been waiting on, and this news is likely to be good. Be sure to pay attention to the mundane and normal parts of our lives. Be sure to take care of the little things, and the big things will all fall into place. Take a look at how you are handling your affairs, and is a grounding influence. Now is not the time to suggest an overthrow of the traditional ways of doing things. You must work within what is existing and accomplish what you need to do.

Libra Sep 23rd – Oct 22nd Hey there Libra this week the divine is speaking to you to remind you that you are in general, doing well. The people around you appreciate you and your efforts, and notice the quality of what you do. Keep doing what you're doing as you are on the right track (although there is always room for improvement.) You don't need to scrap something and start again. You can expect success fairly quickly in all that you do this week. It's a good week overall with lots of positive omens.

Scorpio Oct 23rd – Nov 21st Hey there Scorpio this week the divine is speaking to you to remind you are giving your heart more acceptance than what your mind and logic. This is not a bad thing; but ideally you should be balancing both. Use your mind AND your heart. You may be easily distracted now and could find it hard to maintain your concentration and focus. You may not be much in the mood for structured, formal anything right now, and honestly that’s ok, sometimes we just need to take a step back and say not today. You may not have a choice. Do the best you can to exhibit the structure and order that is required of you, but make sure to give yourself at least little mini-breaks to help yourself cope, if necessary.

Reverend Heather DeLusso is an internationally known gifted Psychic Medium. As of January 2016 Rev. Heather DeLusso was recognized by Minister: Swami Yogatmananda as being a spiritually developed adult having prakruti along with demonstrating and achieving inner balance living her life as a spiritual teacher who has attained atma in which the Upaguru is manifesting. Having attained the knowledge and Atmagnani she is invited to consider conducting her life as a Satguru and continue to live her life in a blessed and sincere way.  In addition to her work as a psychic medium, Heather is a gifted Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Healer and Master Teacher, Animal Communicator & Healer, Metaphysical Minister, Tibetan Bowl Sound Healer and Spiritual Teacher. She is co-owner of Serenity Grove Wellness Center, LLC in Coventry, CT. 866-528-4355