Sagittarius Nov 22nd – Dec 21st Hey there Sagittarius this week the divine is speaking to you to remind you've worked hard, and you are almost to the finish line in some way so don't quit now when you are so close! You're almost definitely in need of some well-deserved rest and relaxation; don't be afraid to take it. You are getting closer to who you really are at your deepest levels. The Divine are giving you permission to do whatever you want that won’t get you arrested. Presently, your motivation is close to the will of the divine. Stay active keep moving forward. It is unnecessary to keep checking or interrupting your spontaneity with calculation. Rather than look for consensus or affirmation from others, simply dance the dance. In other words, express yourself, react naturally, and allow events to unfold naturally; and accept what occurs without worry, or regret. What matters is divine intention. Whether or not human beings approve is less important. If you allow your ego to inflate, however, you cease to be useful to the greater plan.


Capricorn Dec. 22nd - Jan 19th Hey there Capricorns this week the divine is speaking to you to remind you time to show some spunk. There may be nothing to be gained by trying to be subtle or strategic in any of the situations you’re involved with. Assert yourself into your agenda, express yourself honestly, and allow events to unfold naturally; to accept what occurs without prejudice, worry, or regret. Be sure to express your true emotions, possibly even including anger, but in a constructive way and acknowledging that you have whatever feelings you have. While it may not be necessary to act out what you feel in every situation, accepting the power and depth of your inner experience enables you to remain true to yourself.

Aquarius Jan 20th – Feb 18th Hey there Aquarius this week the divine is speaking to remind you that time is of the essence. You've seen the big picture, and good ideas have occurred to you about what needs to be done. It is necessary to take action. No more time for debates. The game plan has or will become clear, so now your next step could be to commit to the pursuit along with making necessary changes that will lead to many improvements in your life. It is time for you to overcome your tendency to get distracted. There is no time for you to be seeking approval from anyone, just do it. Once you initiate action, yourself and others will be grateful for your clear thinking and quick reflexes. You are able to navigate in times of rapidly changing and unpredictable circumstances; with a cool head and right timing you are always spot on when you listen to your (“gut instincts”) intuition.

Pisces Feb 19th – Mar 20th Hey there Pisces this week the divine is speaking to you to remind you that our lives are designed to bring us eventually to a place of self-ownership. An opportunity for self-empowerment is presenting itself to you now. Recognize that through your attitude and the way you express yourself to others, you hold the power over your own experiences in life. You are the determining factor in this situation and circumstances will proceed in the direction that you steer them. Indecision or doubts are not appropriate responses when clarity and confidence are critical. As you take on a bigger role, you will begin to feel more comfortable. Seize the opportunity to influence events, because everything is waiting for you.

Aries Mar 21st – Apr 19th Hey there Aries this week the divine is speaking to you to remind you that you have every reason for feeling good, but you may be having difficulty "feeling it." If you are struggling with anxiety, try to get a handle on what you are worrying about and what is bothering you. You may benefit by talking to someone new about the way that they handle such things; this could be very inspirational. The divine encourages you to energetically and physically start movements towards adding activity into your life. Make it a habit and get ready to spring into action because you actually enjoy the change. Make your move sooner than later, so make sure you are fully prepared. Trust your instincts and spontaneity. So quicken your senses and raise your antenna. There's excitement in the air, and supports your immediate ambitions.

Taurus Apr 20th – May 20th Hey there Taurus this week the divine is speaking to you to remind you that it’s time to take a course of action which will harmonize what you want with what is currently possible. The divine is strongly urging to keep to your own business, time to be a little private, discreet, and careful. There may be too much fear and hostility in the environment for you to be heard. It might be that your ideas, plans and actions are not ready for action or that you are not fully prepared or ready to listen, undergo or want to hear the feedback from others. If you spend more time in contemplation, you may successfully disregard the emotional occupations and biases of others. For now, closely observe inner events.  You will be given an opportunity to share later.

Gemini May 21st – Jun 20th Hey there Gemini this week the divine is speaking to you to remind you this is a time to begin to get moving. This is not the time to feel sorry for yourself or giving in to the “would of’s, should of’s and could of’s”. Start where you are, and know that no matter what is happening, you can make a difference. You may have become stuck and feeling like your unable to make progress or find hope and have a deep sense of limits. Changing your thinking and actions allow you to see the whole picture. Break through the forces that undermine you. Sometimes you have to define what you are "for" by defining what you are "against."  Count your blessings.

Cancer Jun 21st – Jul 22nd Hey there Cancer this week the divine is speaking to you to remind you that you are tuned into your family and fully inform them about what's going on with you. It is time to let them add substance to your ideas with their talent and imagination. New points of view will allow them to support you along with helping you find success in what you are working towards. Putting yourself in the loving hands of your family connections and your trust will be well rewarded. The interaction or cooperation between you could enhance each individual's talent and creativity. You will love the results!

Leo Jul 23rd – Aug 22nd Hey there Leo this week the divine is speaking to you to remind you get in touch with your inner sovereignty and natural self-possession. Realize that somewhere deep inside you is the memory of royalty. Reach within to find that strain of natural nobility and leadership. These innate qualities will help you manage your current situation. Try to look beyond your exterior and consider what it is that someone may have to offer you that can be of use. Don’t get too irritated if someone is trying to tell you what you “should” do; take the parts the advice which are useful and ignore the rest.

Virgo Aug 23rd- Sep 22nd Hey there Virgo this week the divine is speaking to you to remind you to strike out on your own. Become more independent. Separate yourself from people and forces you do not feel compatible with. Denying pain does not make it go away. Allow yourself to experience any pain that comes up now, but do not wallow in it. You do not and should not wallow in grief or sorrow for long. However only you can decide how long is long enough. Others can't decide it for you. Use your creativity and imagination and seek out situations where the way you see things makes sense to those around you. Move towards those who can embrace and appreciate your talents and all you have to contribute. Paying attention will bring balance.

Libra Sep 23rd – Oct 22nd Hey there Libra this week the divine is speaking to you to remind you may be trying too hard, pushing too fast, or in general stepping on other people’s toes. Pay attention to the body language of others. Take a look at how well you do (or do not) accept constructive criticism from others. Consider taking some time to be anonymous and just be. You will find a sense of gratification and almost an accomplishment to see your daily routine from a different point of view. Make the change subtlety were you can. You will see this will be for you highest good. You are likely to have a great deal of mental and physical energy from taking a time out or a step back. Use the time you gain wisely.

Scorpio Oct 23rd – Nov 21st Hey there Scorpio this week the divine is speaking to you to remind you it’s very likely that you are having mixed feelings or contradictory ideas about something or someone. Take a long look at your situations or relationships in your life. The divine also wants to remind you that you study your options and make the wisest choices. Carefully consider your long-term interests and where and what you want to do and accomplish. There is no judgment on what you choose to keep from the array of possibilities before you. watch out for choices that will produce dissatisfaction and discontent. Be willing to make some compromises, and then stick with the commitments you finally make. Trust your intuition along with your rational intellect, and once you make your choice, carry it out with conviction. You must pay attention to what your gut is telling you and to try to analyze and get clear about what this is and why. Your feelings and emotions are there for a reason. Don’t ignore them.

Reverend Heather DeLusso is an internationally known gifted Psychic Medium. As of January 2016 Rev. Heather DeLusso was recognized by Minister: Swami Yogatmananda as being a spiritually developed adult having prakruti along with demonstrating and achieving inner balance living her life as a spiritual teacher who has attained atma in which the Upaguru is manifesting. Having attained the knowledge and Atmagnani she is invited to consider conducting her life as a Satguru and continue to live her life in a blessed and sincere way.  In addition to her work as a psychic medium, Heather is a gifted Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Healer and Master Teacher, Animal Communicator & Healer, Metaphysical Minister, Tibetan Bowl Sound Healer and Spiritual Teacher. She is co-owner of Serenity Grove Wellness Center, LLC in Coventry, CT. 866-528-4355