Capricorn Dec. 22nd - Jan 19th Hey there Capricorns this week the divine is speaking to remind you when life is at a standstill, look to the past for lessons learned, yet look to the future through eyes with renewed spirit like a child or an animal. A shift in perspective develops foresight, which will bring a sense of peace and understanding in where you want to go. In the stillness of meditation, you’re accessing greater depth of wisdom and creativity. If you aren’t sure what to do, it’s best to do nothing. Take this time to pause and reflect.

Aquarius Jan 20th – Feb 18th Hey there Aquarius this week the divine is speaking to remind you that when obligating yourself to personal endeavors and the demands of others, consider whether you’re taking on more than you can handle. When burdened by too many activities at once, perception and creativity can be blocked. Energies can be weighed down by over-commitment. Dig yourself out of the drudge by setting limitations. Break away from situations that are detrimental to your health, and dedicate time for personal restoration. In clearing away the clutter, you’re inviting deeper clarity and joy into your life, in turn bringing back your personal power. When exhaustion has taken over, let go and release yourself. Motivation will return after a period of rest.

Pisces Feb 19th – Mar 20th Hey there Pisces this week the divine is speaking to remind you to conserve and use your own energy wisely. If you demonstrate that you can still remain grounded while soaring toward learning and listening to wise wisdom you will always receive advice, teachings, and a routine. Refine your own spiritual power and beliefs, which will increase your ability to rise above any challenge. By changing your approach, a better dynamic will emerge. Break free from traditional structure to find what will serve your higher good. It is time for you to soar like an eagle!

Aries Mar 21st – Apr 19th Hey there Aries this week the divine is speaking to remind you that life is change, and you have the choice to either accept change or to resist it. if you continue clinging to ideas that no longer work within the structure of your spiritual evolution, the winds of revelation will force you to go with the flow. The divine is here to help you shift the colors of your state of being, setting you on the path to your highest truths. Relax, place trust in yourself, and release fear. By attuning yourself with spiritual knowledge, you become more receptive to the powers around you. Grant yourself permission to undergo the experience of change. Allowing emotions to flow naturally will result in acceptance, release, and freedom of spirit.

Taurus Apr 20th – May 20th Hey there Taurus this week the divine is speaking to remind you to enjoy the rewards of your past efforts. Remain appreciative of good tidings, and take flight into new scopes of your being. With the power of inspiration, you are the master of building your own reality. Be careful what you wish for. Put thought into what it is you really want and write it down. Go back to it the list the next day and allow yourself to fully invasion what it is and let the manifesting begin!


Gemini May 21st – Jun 20th Hey there Gemini this week the divine is speaking to remind you to realign yourself with what you need to in order to move upward and onward, and new opportunities will present themselves. Take time to review what you want in life, and believe that you can achieve it. When your heart rules your thinking, emotions can cloud your perspective. Give yourself time to find your balance, and your strength will return.

Cancer Jun 21st – Jul 22nd Hey there Cancer this week the divine is speaking to remind you to take time to ground yourself with the earths energies, as this will help you become more aware of opportunities in your reach. Security and prosperity are yours if you pursue practical solutions when setting goals. Keep in mind that a little common sense goes a long way. Declutter your mind by getting back in touch with the beautifully simple things in life that already surround you.

Leo Jul 23rd – Aug 22nd Hey there Leo this week the divine is speaking to remind you to move gracefully through the healing waters of trust, knowing that all is possible and that all can be rejuvenated. The divine is here to ignite the light of faith within your heart. Your guides elevate your sights upon a bright and beautiful future, whether your destination is planned or not. After some emotional upheaval comes the joy of greater health, and discovering your spiritual gifts beyond anything experienced before. Believe in yourself, and hold true to your hearts deepest wishes. You are well on your way to achieving your highest potential. When you fear what tomorrow will bring, recognize that not all is lost. As you become receptive to spiritual healing, a renewed perspective will open your eyes to new horizons.

Virgo Aug 23rd to September 22nd – Hey there Virgo this week the divine is speaking to remind you to shift into your own innate power so that you may pursue your goals with passion, and fight for what you believe in. in the midst of conflict, do not allow opposition to keep you from moving ahead in your endeavor. By the same token, be open to the views of others, and don’t be afraid to ask questions in order to clarify a situation. With challenge comes spiritual growth. As you weather the storm, focus on new strategies, and seek deeper clarity and truth. Trust in yourself and defend your belief structures. Content with the matter in the spirit of action, and in knowingness that challenges will be overcome. When misunderstandings arise, consider seeking advice. Patiently persist, and the conflict will be overcome.

Libra Sep 23rd – Oct 22nd  Hey there Libra this week the divine is speaking to remind you that you are a navigator of the dream world. It is important to remember the value of rest and quietude. You instinctively know how much downtime is needed to recharge. During this repose, ponder and reflect within the realms of the subconscious, trusting in the healing process that your sanctuary brings. Introspective and strong, remember that you have within you all the answers you need, if you only pause and listen. When overwhelmed, distance yourself from the situation until you gain back enough strength to stand up to it again. Slow down and nourish your spirit. Be receptive to your intuition. by the grace of your inner-sanctum, regroup and recharge. If moving forward is a struggle, rise from your roost and return to life. consider where you currently need to focus your energies.

Scorpio Oct 23rd – Nov 21st  Hey there Scorpio this week the divine is speaking to remind you to pace yourself, and concentrate on what needs to be done. Be confident in your abilities to make your dreams a reality. You hold the power to shape your destiny to your desired outcome. If something doesn’t feel right, trust in your intuition. Realize that your optimism and persistence will drive you to attain what you set out to accomplish. Belief in yourself will inspire others to follow you. Avoid forcing situation, as this will only create further setbacks. Allow things to develop by their own accord.

Sagittarius Nov 22nd – Dec 21st Hey there Sagittarius this week the divine is speaking to remind you and prompts you to harness your own youthful ability, be comfortable in your own vulnerability with enthusiasm this will help fuel the way to new experiences and a bright future. At the same time, remember to look where you’re going when leaping into new terrain. With faith and optimism, allow yourself to flow with life. Examine what is directly ahead of you and review steps taken before making the next move. Hen responsibilities are dealt with, you can safely move onward.

Reverend Heather DeLusso is an internationally known gifted Psychic Medium. As of January 2016 Rev. Heather DeLusso was recognized by Minister: Swami Yogatmananda as being a spiritually developed adult having prakruti along with demonstrating and achieving inner balance living her life as a spiritual teacher who has attained atma in which the Upaguru is manifesting. Having attained the knowledge and Atmagnani she is invited to consider conducting her life as a Satguru and continue to live her life in a blessed and sincere way.  In addition to her work as a psychic medium, Heather is a gifted Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Healer and Master Teacher, Animal Communicator & Healer, Metaphysical Minister, Tibetan Bowl Sound Healer and Spiritual Teacher. She is co-owner of Serenity Grove Wellness Center, LLC in Coventry, CT. 866-528-4355