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Gemini May 21st – Jun 20th  Hello Gemini! This week you may be torn between what your heart is telling you and what your head is telling you. The Divine asks you to follow your heart with decisions this week.  Do your best not to operate out of fear, instead choose to operate out of love. In fact, this is a time to bring LOVE into the center stage of your life, either with a new relationship or the reconnection or re-bonding of an old one.  Life will feel wonderful, so be careful not to lose sight of other details both personally and financially.  Make sure to take care of those things that need attention this week. A new energy may enter into your life, perhaps as a form of a doctor, healer, or spiritual mentor.  Be sure to not blindly follow, instead question everything.  Listen to what your heart and gut are telling you to take from this new energy, and disregard the rest.  The Divine asks you to focus on healing affirmations and forgiveness work in order to help you through any challenges you may be facing.  The right partner, healer, or mentor is on its way to you, but you must be open, willing, and ready.

Cancer Jun 21st – Jul 22nd  Hello Cancer! This week the Divine is asking you to remember to take deep breaths and do your best to remain calm. Worry, stress, and anxiety may very likely be affecting your at this time. Be sure that you are treating yourself as well as you can; balance in exercise, food and water intake, and getting adequate rest. You may find breathing exercises and meditation to be particularly useful.  Try not to let worries overwhelm you as some may likely turn out to be nothing to be worried about at all.  Just take it one day at a time or even one hour at a time if that is easier to manage.  If you need help, do not hesitate to ask for it.  Recognizing that you can’t do it all shows strength not weakness.

Leo Jul 23rd – Aug 22nd   Hello Leo! This week you may feel as if you are walking a tightrope trying to keep your balance as the environment around you is a bit turbulent.  Take a good look at what is happening in your life.  Are you trying to do too much?  Are you worried about too many things?  You may need to trim down what you are doing.  The Divine is guiding you to focus your attention to the top two main priorities in your life.  Perhaps that is love and work or maybe health and finances.  Bring these two areas into balance.  By focusing your attention into just these two areas of your life at this time, you will be more able to make decisions. Spirit is asking you to choose progress over perfection this week.  You also are being guided to take the time to nourish the body, mind, and spirit in order to truly be in balance.  So squeeze in time for you to decompress.  A ten minute walk or quick meditation is better than doing nothing for yourself. 

Virgo Aug 23rd- Sep 22nd   Hello Virgo! This week the Divine is reminding you that you have all the tools you need to manifest your goals right under your nose.  It is a matter of focusing your will and determination until your goals are reached.  If you need to expand your skill or talent, then you must do so through consistent practice and attention to it.  Spirit is guiding you to stand in your power, assert your will, and to be bold in your actions this week.   You have everything you need to create magic in your life on all levels (professional, personal, health, and financial) whether that is through your willpower, courage or skill.  Now is the time to believe in yourself!

Libra Sep 23rd – Oct 22nd  Hello Libra! This week Spirit wants you to be sure that you are counting your blessings. You may feel like holding on to regrets and “crying over spilt milk” so to speak.  Instead put your focus on more positive avenues for yourself.  There is a way for you to progress forward toward your goals.  That path could literally be right in front of you, but you may be blind to it because you are choosing to focus on what hasn’t gone right or past mistakes. Make sure not to spend time in self-pity or wishing your life away. The Divine is guiding you to remember that a lot of life has to do with where we put our focus. Keep a positive mind and attitude!

Scorpio Oct 23rd – Nov 21st Hello Scorpio! This week good luck that you hadn't counted on could be yours. If you have a big dream, or are working on a project that has been stalled, this could be the time that there is positive progress.  The Universe is ready to work with you so make your wishes known.  The Divine is letting you know that you have everything you need to be happy and to give thanks for your many blessings.  Also, know that if you need support with any thing, that support is available.  Your support system has your back!  Life is likely to be feeling good this week.  Go ahead and indulge a bit and enjoy your life!

Sagittarius Nov 22nd – Dec 21st  Hello Sagittarius! This week you may find yourself in situations where you may need to reason with others.  The Divine is guiding you to remain detached and objective, in order to ascertain the truth and seek out only the facts.  Be quite direct about what you are observing. You may be concerned that you are not being particularly caring or sympathetic but at this point in time, this detachment is what is needed most.  This is a time when you need to leave emotions out of it, and remain as objective and rational as possible. You have clarity of mind and can perceive the truth right now, so you must take the lead with providing an objective point of view.  You may ascertain that you may be the one who needs to change something major about your behavior, thoughts, and/or expectations.  Try not to be overly sensitive this week.  Remain objective in your response and outlook in life.

Capricorn Dec. 22nd - Jan 19th  Hello Capricorn! This week you are moving into a time of quiet contentment with life.  You are likely to experience a period of strong psychic feelings that makes you more aware of your spiritual goals. You will find your inner life filled with symbols and messages that will guide you brilliantly.  Spirit is guiding you to choose your heart over your head if a decision needs to be made, as the situation will require sensitivity.   Make your environment as nurturing as possible by surrounding yourself with what makes you feel calm and harmonious.  Be at the ready to take care of whoever needs you.

Aquarius Jan 20th – Feb 18th   Hello Aquarius! This week you should be feeling full of energy, and ready to get things done. You’re entering a phase of increased self-confidence, which should help you toward your goals. News related to your work or career is likely to be very positive.  Look for projects to be more successful that you expect or predict them to be.  Take the time to feel proud of your accomplishments and decisions.  Your spiritual journey may begin to incorporate a new focus or direction.  Explore this new way thoroughly before jumping all in with your time and money.

Pisces Feb 19th – Mar 20th  Hello Pisces! This week you may find yourself focusing on the past, looking back on how things used to be.  The Divine is asking you to be careful not to expend too much energy and effort doing this.  It is nice to have happy memories, but try not to feel as if all the best years have gone by, as that may become a self-fulfilling prophecy.  Instead focus on the future particularly with your romantic relationship.  Talk about goals and dreams with your partner.  This is also a great time to try new things.   Bring some more creativity into your life as well.  Creativity allows us to connect to our inner self as well as reconnect to the child within us.  Since you may feel prone to spend time remembering your past, this could be a great time to create a scrapbook or photo album of some part of your childhood or past memories. Just be cautious not to dwell in the past, as you have a great future ahead of you for which to plan.

Aries Mar 21st – Apr 19th  Hello Aries! This week is all about celebrating, finding happiness, and sharing the joy.  The Divine would like you to know that any challenges you have been facing you will overcome them.  Things are changing in a positive direction for you.  All the hard work and effort you have been expending could start to show positive results.  So give yourself a break because you have earned it!  Your romantic life is on the upswing as you may find yourself more in touch and happier with your partner.  If you are single, have faith because the relationship you have been dreaming of could begin to take shape.  If you find your financial situation improving with an increase in money, enjoy the abundance but be sure to put some of it away for a rainy day.  There is much joy and a love for living that is within you that should be shared with others.  So relax, feel the happiness in your life and celebrate the abundance you have both in the physical and material form as well as the emotional and spiritual aspects.

Taurus Apr 20th – May 20th  Hello Taurus! You are likely to find yourself with confused or mixed feelings about life and about a few people.  While you shouldn’t ignore these feelings, don’t feel like you have to speak every word you’re thinking or feeling.  If you do so, you could ruin the very things you want the most, such as close relationships with friends and a romantic partner.  You may be experiencing conflicts this week, both internal and external.  Do your best not to escalate conflicts unnecessarily.  Think before you act or speak would be a good rule to follow at this time.  In other words, choose your battle wisely.

Lisa Huppert is a gifted Psychic Medium, Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Healer and Master Teacher, Tibetan Bowl Sound Healer, writer, and multimedia artist.  She holds a MA in Integrated Health and Healing from The Graduate Institute, a MS in Language Arts, as well as BS in Special Education & Elementary Education.  Lisa is a certified Holistic Stress Management Instructor as well as a SoulCollage® facilitator.  She is co-owner of Serenity Grove Wellness Center, LLC.