Meditation & Journaling Made Easy


Meditation & Journaling Made Easy

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In this meditation and journaling class we offer interactive, reflective, how to course for everyone and anyone who is ready to learn how meditate successfully on your own. We often hear "I can't meditate"  We say YES you can! In this interactive class you will explore the many different variations of how to meditate. Even if you don't think you can, here at Serenity Grove Wellness Center we know you can... By combining meditation and journaling you will have access to inner emotions and wisdom you never knew you had. By using meditation and journaling you will awaken your higher self and feel awakened and rejuvenated with new restorative energy. 

This is an 8 hour interactive course with pay as you go options.

This class can be done one on one or in groups. 

Each participant will receive individual work books, along with additional information inserts. 

When: Classes are available privately during Serenity Grove Wellness Center LLC business hours and are scheduled to accommodate each other’s schedule. Call 866-528-4355 or email to schedule a class.  

Where: Serenity Grove Wellness Center is available privately in our home studios or in a center or space you may have available.

Price per person is $160 or $40 per class as the pay as you go option. 

Meditation & Journaling:
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