Heather & Lisa

Wonderful experience every time I have been with them , highly recommended!! I honestly have so much gratitude for their work. Whether you need guidance, a home clearing or blessing, classes, or some energy work, they will have your back. Thank you both! - Sarah M.

I have been to serenity grove three times . Each time was an amazingly wonderful experience. I reccomend serenity grove to everyone . You will never be disappointed!!! - Tina F.

Lisa and heather are so kind and extremely knowledgable. I have used there expertise on several occasions. The feeling of comfort and joy you always come away with is worth more than words can express. I highly recomend them. - Renee K.

Highly recommend - fantastic readings full of info, guidance, and love! - Janelle P.

I keep on going back and every time I feel better than ever. - Zita B.

I highly recommend these Ladies! They are the best!!! - Kietha H.

Heather is awesome ! And so is Lisa I love this place and the work they stand for! If anyone looking for spiritual workings or awakening this definitely the place to go! - Teresa A.

I highly recommend Serenity Grove Wellness Center. I am currently working in my reiki level 2 course. The content is thorough and well thought out. The discussions are uplifting and helpful. I am looking forward to my attunement and practicum! Love you, ladies! Thank you for sharing your gifts. - Lindsey S.

Lisa and Heather are amazing healers. They were able to open up my crown chakra and get my energy flowing again. They are kind, knowledgeable and loving. Thank you gals! - Kerri H.

Heather and Lisa are wonderful. They are extraordinary teachers and healers. Thank you both for everything you have taught me and done for me, I am incredibly grateful. - Heather G.

I could not have been more enlightened, comfortable, satisfied, and blessed with the individualized, tailor made class given by Heather and Lisa. They are the perfect tag team of teachers; full of knowledge and know how and mixed with the right amount of sensibility, spirit, and humor that every student will be inspired by. - Cece M.

I am blessed beyond belief to know Heather and Lisa.  I can't believe how much they have opened my eyes to.  I've never been a stronger believer spiritually. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THESE LADIES! - Emily A.

Heather and Lisa are truly gifted and amazing people.  I have had readings done by other people before and nothing compares to the degree of accuracy that Heather and Lisa are able to provide.  They are so humble and caring.  I have taken their psychic and reiki classes as well as attended their monthly reiki shares, psychic circles, and sound healing events.  My own gifts improve with every experience I share with these wonderful women!  Highly recommend!!!!   - Samantha S.

I attended the 4th annual Psychic & Beyond Expo this weekend.  I was given a great opportunity to conduct 3 readings with my two mentors/teachers Rev Heather DeLusso and Lisa Huppert from Serenity Grove Wellness Center!  I can't thank these two ladies enough.  What great teachers, friends and mentors.  Thank you Heather and Lisa for making it such a wonderful experience and for believing in me.  - Ellen G.

Truly gifted instructors.  I took 3 classes and learned more in a short period than I did in a few years.  Each class enabled me to unlock the gifts that everyone possesses and helped me to be much more aware. - Kimberly R.

I left a gallery psychic reading with Heather and facilitated by Lisa, feeling not that a weight had been lifted from my shoulders but with a new warmth in my heart. I had lost my daughter 8 months into my pregnancy and Colleen came through at the reading. My new warmth in my heart comes from knowing that she dances beside me and "pokes" her younger brother, whom we have here with us. Heather and Lisa are true healers. Thank you! - Tanya B.

Amazing instructors!  Love them! Highly recommend! - Kaylee D.

Heather and Lisa are heart-centered gals that do great work in all services that they provide... I highly recommend them. - Leonard D.

Thank you so much for the reading tonight! I can not express to you the calming and happy feeling it left me with. I would and will be recommending you to others! - Chrissy F.

Only good can come from this business!! Highly recommended !!! - Chelsea L.

I had a reiki healing session with Heather and Lisa.  I'm a Reiki Master myself and was curious about how it would be with the singing bowls and was feeling very lousy.  As someone with reiki experience, I just have to say one thing: WOW.  It was an amazing experience!  I felt renewed, completely better!  It really inspires me to want to always stay in practice and do better myself with reiki.  It was truly humbling to experience how excellent they are!  Not only that, but really impressed me was when I went to an event a few months later, Heather recognized me and gave me a hug and was absolutely a sweetheart!  I just saw them one time and she went out of her way to treat me like that and remembered me.  She's just a very good sweet person who deserves praise.  Both of them are.  Thank you for brightening my day today, and still that holds as the best reiki treatment I've had, including my own at this point. - Sarah Erwin

Reverend Heather DeLusso

"Absolutely A plus. Skyped from Florida and channeled my mom. Healing and personal. Thank you Heather!" - Crystal L.

"I HIGHLY recommend Heather's readings...anyone wishing an honest, sincere, and "from the heart" intuitively inspired reading should contact Heather. I've had a reading by Heather and I speak from experience. She is very special...she is a gift from the Universe to us all..." - Dan B.

"Heather you did such a wonderful job last night at Max Pizza II Gallery Reading event. Your readings we're spot on. I never doubted ever. Everyone was so pleased with their readings and all I could hear was 'how can she do that'." - Marie I.

"Heather, just want to say thank you so much for all your help and support. I did pass my test :))) Don't think I could have done it without you sunshine, hope to see you soon xx." - Colleen D.

"Heather is the best Reiki healer! I had my first ever Reiki session with Heather.. It was AWESOME!! I was so relaxed. It was such an amazing experience I decided to take her class and become a Reiki practitioner. She is the best teacher ever! I have also had a medium reading with her and she was so accurate with the information she gave me I could not even believe it.I am so blessed to have such a special new friend! Many blessings!" - Tracy C.

"Had a reading with Heather DeLusso...It was amazing. She provided exactly what I was hoping for, thank you so very much. I cant put in words how much it meant." - Crystal L.

"It was a blessing to meet you today. You're a compassionate and very gifted person. Thank you for what you do." - Sandya R.

"Come and ask this World Renowned Psychic Medium Rev. Heather DeLusso any questions that may help bring you happiness, joy, positive energy, peace, and inner guidance. For those who are seeking spiritual development. Psychic Medium Readings can provide a unique opportunity to communicate with those who are beyond the Vail; which is your Angels, Spirit Guides, and Deceased Loved Ones. Heather is able to communicate (via clairvoyance, clairaudience, telepathic communication and has many other abilities Rev. Heather DeLusso uses her beautiful gifts for each of us. Thank you for all that you have done for me. Much LOVE!" - Adam D.

"I had the pleasure to sit with Heather and I must say if I had a shadow of a doubt that the spirit world was non-exsistant she proved me wrong. What an amazing soft,kind, gentle soul she is. I felt this amazing healing feeling. I cant explain but her energy is amazing. Thank you sweetheart! " - Much love Salvatore

"Heather DeLusso is an exceptional mentor and friend.  Not only has she helped me through a time at my life when i felt completely lost and scared, but Heather also led me through a precipice of spirituality with her wisdom and grace.  I have learned so much knowledge from her and found my own abilities along the way.  Above all, her confidence in me inspired me to believe in myself.  Thank you, Heather, for all that you've done and for all your encouragement!  I will continue to use what you've taught me for the highest good.  Lastly, I am so excited to help others throughout my journey the way you've helped me!" - Debra Z.

"I was in a rut mentally and needed some guidance. I googled "psychics in CT" and I was shown a few names, I said to myself whoever picks up their phone first is who I'm meant to see. And Heather did, as well as see me that very evening. She was very sweet and wanted me to feel very welcome in her company. I was impressed with her ability to interpret my guides words and advice. She came into my life at the perfect moment knowing just what I needed to hear. I would most definitely recommend her, (I already have) and I look forward to seeing her again. Hands down the BEST medium I have met with. Beautiful woman with lovely kitties!" - Chelsea L.

"I highly recommend Rev. Heather Delusso for all your psychic and Reiki needs. She is completely connected to spirit and has a beautiful soul." - Sheilamae

"Heather is a joyously radiant old soul, she is gifted beyond measure and a delight to be in her company. Heather has a very bright light and is a powerhouse of metaphysical knowledge and practice. I sense that one of her secrets is finding time for joy in the present-And sharing it with others." - Inez W.

“In this day and age, it’s hard to find a company you can trust. Rev. Heather A. DeLusso was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality of service I received was outstanding. Keep up the good work!” - Love Mark D.

"Need some spiritual advice? Highly recommend Rev. Heather.It is a truly special experience!!! She will give you peace!! Love her!!!" - <3 Kathy

"Hi heather ! I just wanted to thank you for helping me let go and show me a different way. After I left I felt refreshed and new. I haven't felt this better since I don't know . Now my husband jokes with me about grabbing his butt every time I come home ! Lol ... you have opened my eyes to see that I need to take care of myself and focus on me and my happiness. I'm taking it step by step but I feel great ! And thank you so much !!! " - Love Teena

"I have to say that working with Heather was really a special event in that not only is Heather an accurate and precise Psychic Reader she also is a very kind and fun person to work with a AAA+++ rating !" - Reverend Jethro Everette Smith

"One can easily feel the AURA, the WARMTH, the ENERGY while being connected to such a beautiful knowledgeable lady. I must admit, it is really a pleasure to have known and communicated to such a wonderful person and great human being.

Her light shines through her wisdom, her prosperity grows with every rising sun, her goodness combines with her wit, a very rare quality to possess. - Jatin Pandya

"Heather is an amazing person. I have had the privileged to know all my life. She is giving, caring, and goes above and beyond. She is kind and respectful. Very professional and would give you the shirt off her back. I can speak highly enough of her. I recommend her all day everyday!" - Stacey Costanzo ABR,SFR

"I would highly recommend Heather! She was very insightful in our session!" - Ryan

"I am taking Heather's psychic development classes. I can tell you she is wonderful! Her readings are right on so you know her spirit guides are definitely working with her." - Cathy R

"Heather is awesome!!!!" - Theresa

Lisa Huppert

“I was blessed to experience reiki and the Himalayan singing bowls with Lisa.This experience was wonderful. Lisa has warm and wonderful energy that is past on to her clients.I would highly recommend Serenity Grove Wellness Center to anyone looking to support their health and well-being.” - Tina O.

"I can’t say enough! Lisa is AH ~ Mazing Reiki healer and Psychic Medium! She helped me in so many ways. From the minute I laid upon the table I felt so comfortable to the beautiful messages she has delivered to me. The healing I received was in depth, concentrated and settling. I look forward to our meetings each and every time I get to see her. She has forever changed me and will do the same for you! Many Blessings" - <3 Heather

 "I found my experience with Reiki very relaxing and comforting. Lisa does a very professional session and I was quite happy with the out come - being energized as well as relaxed. A bonus is Lisa's physic ability. She asked if I would like to know what she felt going on around me. I was astounded by what she told me and it made me feel very good. I would also recommend Tarot card readings as those as well were "right on". Lisa is knowledgeable and professional in her role as Reiki practitioner and physic readings." - Barbara Hesketh

"My first meeting with Lisa was for a private psychic reading. The information she was able to provide me was so accurate and incredibly amazing, and included details that no one else but I would know. I was "wow"ed by Lisa's gifts and abilities immediately and then felt that I needed to know more about this spiritual world in which we live and just knew that Lisa was the person to teach me. I have been taking her psychic development classes and have discovered that I have abilities that I had no idea I possessed. My experiences with Lisa have led me, with her guidance, on what I consider a personal spiritual journey. I am so fortunate to have her as what I call my "human guide". She is compassionate, knowledgeable, intelligent, full of love and is a natural teacher. I come from a scientific background, and am married to a medical doctor, and yet I am only now understanding how the spiritual world interacts with our physical wo rld and how armed with this knowledge, I can now make better choices for my life and hopefully discover and live up to my full potential as an individual human. I have learned so much from Lisa about how our thoughts and actions affect our universe, how we can communicate with our "spirit guides", and I hope to use this new understanding to lead a more fulfilling and purposeful life! Many thanks to Lisa for changing my life in a MOST positive way!" -Nancy O'Neill


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Serenity Grove Wellness Center LLC was proud to participate in a study at UCONN College. Please enjoy the following article written by Joseph Nardello

Health and Wellness Industry   

It is no surprise that people nowadays are far more informed about their health than ever before, thanks to various factors such as the wave of information brought on by the Internet. For example, a survey conducted estimated that roughly 96% of people who use the Internet use it to research and to look more into health and wellness. Because people are more informed, they are also more empowered to take the steps necessary to create a healthier, more natural lifestyle for themselves and the people around them. Ranging from proper nutrition, to alternative medicine, to bodywork and to eastern spiritual practices, The Health and Wellness Industry has never been more diverse in its offerings and capabilities. Many wellness centers offer holistic services such as yoga, massages, nutritional and dietary education/training, Reiki and energetic healings, meditation and mindfulness practices, spirituality and much more. The target markets for these businesses in many cases are usually the stressed individuals looking for a way to naturally heal and relax, stepping back from the chaos to find a center of balance and clarity. And in the fast pace, stressful world we live in, its no wonder the Health and Wellness industry brought in $14.7 Billion in the US alone in 2013, capturing $1.3 Billion in profits. The Wellness industry is more prevalent than ever before and there is no sight of this party ending in the near future. McKinsey & Company recently published a report claiming the Wellness industry to be the next Trillion-dollar industry and calling it “a demographic sweet spot of enormous potential.” The opportunities in this industry for establishment and growth are plentiful and it’s time to start riding the waves.   Rev. Heather DeLusso and Lisa Huppert are current business partners of Serenity Grove Wellness Center in Coventry, CT. Serenity Grove is a wellness center devoted to offering people an integrated, holistic approach to healing by addressing the health of the mind, the body and the soul through psychic, Reiki and energetic bodywork. Heather has been running the business since 2005 as a certified Reiki Master, also performing medium readings, other energetic healing practices, and metaphysical teachings and classes. Lisa recently joined Heather in the past 3 months, also being certified in Reiki. Lisa holds a BS in Special Ed & Elementary Education along with a MA in Language Arts and is presently enrolled in a Master’s program at The Graduate Institute for Integrative Health and Healing.   When discussing the industry’s excellent performance in this past year, Heather and Lisa weren’t as shocked as I was. They have noticed the overall increase in awareness and participation in integrative, holistic medicine in the past decade or so. Besides the clear passion for their healing work, that was one of the main reasons they entered into the industry – because of its great potential and profitability. As traditional Western medicine continues to be the painstaking process that it is today composed of insurance conflicts, government regulations, doctor and medicinal requirements/per-requisites, and an overall environment of anxiety and worry; people are in dire search of an easier and more peaceful way of caring for their health. Much of the traditional system puts your health and healing in the doctor’s hands, but wellness and alternative medicine teaches you how to put that health and healing in your hands. And ultimately when it comes to health that is exactly what people want – more control of the results and their well being. Integrative medicine poses a growing threat to the traditional and pharmaceutical industry - maybe not in terms of money, since pharmaceuticals had revenues of $160 Billion in 2013, but definitely in terms of people because many are looking for a cleaner, more natural way to proper health and healing. One big advantage pharmaceuticals may offer is its convenience because the person takes 2 seconds a day to take a pill, meanwhile integrative medicine requires active participation and exercise that can take a over an hour. But in an age full of the so-called health nuts, these loyal consumers are definitely going to take the time necessary for integrative medicine, because to them it is important and worthwhile. For this reason, Wellness centers are great for the niche markets and customer segments. Besides competition outside the Health and Wellness industry, competition inside the industry is just as rough. Competition inside is based mainly on price, service quality, location, customer loyalty and brand-name recognition. Quality of service and brand-name recognition are extremely important parts of beating the competition in the industry. Generating repeat clients and favorable feedback through word-of-mouth recommendations and online reviews is also key in developing steady profits. But the low start up costs help keep the barriers to entry low, causing the high level of competition. Lisa and Heather definitely stack up nicely compared to other businesses, but nonetheless the growing competition is still a concern for them. As the number of Wellness Centers continues to grow in the area, Heather and Lisa had to step up their marketing efforts to continue to attract a steady flow of customers. Attending fairs, seminars, drop-in sessions, fliers & ads, and networking are all the primary marketing tactics Serenity Grove uses to gain market share and brand awareness. But in such a competitive industry, that can only take you so far. Which is why Heather and Lisa have created a competitive advantage (of developing courses and training in metaphysics, psychics and Reiki), which helps sets them apart from some of the other centers in the area. Consumers don’t have much say in the services and prices offered by various Wellness centers, keeping buyer power weak. In addition, threat of substitute is relatively weak as well because besides pharmaceuticals there aren’t many other substitutes. There may be different types of meditations, Reiki styles, massages and yoga practices, but in my opinion I don’t see many strong substitutes like tea to coffee or margarine to butter. I think the Health and Wellness industry is an absolutely great industry to enter into right now. As more people begin to search and explore the world of alternative and natural medicines, they are more open minded and therefore more willing to try these holistic healings therapies. The trends in the industry are also extremely favorable; buyer and supplier power are weak, threat of substitutes are weak, and the only real concern is the overall competitive rivalry and low barriers to entry (making it easy to enter the industry). However, the competition in the industry can be matched with a unique competitive advantage that sets you apart from the rest. Consistency in marketing your advantage and sustaining customer satisfaction promoting revisits will then help to push you even further ahead of the competition. Not only do I see the great potential for entering into this industry, but I also firmly believe in the holistic teachings of these alternative medicines. Overall, offering a great competitive advantage, implementing key management and business practices, and being fueled by passion and the desire to help are the key ingredients for success in the Health and Wellness industry.    


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