HOlistic Stress management

Stress is an increasing problem in our society.  Many are faced with work place stress, as well as stress generated from the home on a daily basis.  If ignored, the impact of stress on the body will begin to take form.  Stress is the number one cause for inflammation in the human body, which is the number one reason for disease.  It has become important to learn effective strategies to manage stress holistically.

Presentations and workshops are available in which participants will learn how to identify stressors and effectively manage their stress.  Lisa will work in conjunction with you and your needs in order to develop a program that is meaningful for you and your group.  Holistic stress management topics that can be addressed through a program include:

·      creative anger management

·      creative problem solving

·      expressive art

·      humor therapy

·      sound therapy

·      effective relaxation techniques

·      effective coping techniques

·      journal writing

·      meditation

·      subtle anatomy and energy medicine

·      spirituality  


Call to schedule a program that will fit your needs:  866-528-4355


Lisa has been certified as a Holisitic Stress Management Instructor by the Paramount Wellness Institute through the teaching and guidance of Brian Luke Seaward, PhD.